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A Touch Of Class: Refreshing Beverages

Both Indoor & Outdoor venues feature full service bars. Bar staff included at no charge with cash or host bar for up to 7 hours!


Draw 3.00
Bottled 4.00

Import/Premium 5.00 
Keg (150 x 12 oz cups) 280.00


Includes glass stemware
Bottle Champagne 32.00

Moscato 32.00
Non Alcoholic 24.00


Glass 5.00
Bottle (1.5 L) 35.00

Wine Coolers & Malt Beverages

Wide Variety 5.00

Wedding Special

Unlimited keg beer, pop, and wine for $9.50 per guest! Wedding receptions only


Pop Special

Umlimited for up to 7 hours! 2.00/guest.

Homemade Punch

 Punch .75 per guest

Corkage Fee

15.00 per bottle if you choose to bring in a special wine or champagne. Requires managment approval.

Coca-Cola Products
1.75 per 12 oz glass

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