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Corporate Holiday Options for 2020

Business has been tough this year, but the struggles have helped us realize our strength, resiliency and the need to care for those around us in the midst of a crisis. We recognize even more now how valuable our teams are to the success of our missions. The year 2020 has changed the way we do a lot of things in business and at home, so A Touch of Class has come up with three options for businesses to show their appreciation to their teams this holiday season.

1. Pick Up and go Meals for Your Team at Home. 

This option was designed for companies that have their teams working from home or would like to keep their teams safely in their homes as much as possible. Each meal package feeds a family of four with an entree, four sides and a choice of dessert or a quart of custom cocktails. Gifting your team with a holiday meal not only takes the stress of cooking off their shoulders this year, but it also allows them to spend more quality time together.

2. Onsite Event Following Current CDC Health Guidelines.

A traditional option with a twist. A Touch of Class has redesigned their event procedures to protect the health of guests that still wish to celebrate in the same space this holiday season. This option is best for businesses that have a team of X-NUMBER or fewer employees that wish to socialize while practicing CDC recommended public safety measures. Our team will take care of setup, take down and food service while guests enjoy the company and atmosphere of a traditional holiday gathering.

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3. Boxed Meals or Catering Brought to Your Business Location.

For businesses that have created socially distanced work environments, A Touch of Class will bring our delicious holiday meals on-site for employees to enjoy. Options include plated meals with set up, service and clean up provided or boxed meals delivered to minimize contact. If bringing the cheer into the workplace is a priority, either of these options will do the trick.

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Whether in the workplace, in our event space or at home with family, your team will greatly appreciate the comfort and normalcy a holiday meal brings.


You can find pricing and options for your gift of a holiday meal here(hyperlink to the menu page). Catering and boxed meals include disposable plates and individually wrapped cutlery. Our pick up and go option can be provided the day before the holiday and baked at home or it can be picked up hot and ready on the day-of.

Click to learn more about the menu options and scheduling information.