They only graduate once.

Your child is graduating. It happened in the blink of an eye.

Not long ago you were changing diapers, cleaning crayons off walls, and waking up with them in the middle of night. Now, college is only a couple of months away.

It’s a special time in their life and yours…a right of passage that only happens once.

You should soak in every moment. Ideally, you want to prepare the meal but at what cost. What could you miss?

Instead of working at the party, attend it and enjoy visiting with your guests. Sit back, relax and revel in the day.

You don’t have to take on the stress of having to cook and host for your guests, we’ll do it for you. Let us cater the meal for you, or host it in our private park.

We have everything you need, so you get your time back. Don’t miss the moment.

Create a custom graduation menu of your kid’s favorites from our catering menu or choose one of our affordable graduation packages below to simplify your party planning.

When you rent our private park the following is included:

  • Table and chairs for up to 300
  • Restrooms
  • Playground equipment for the little ones
  • Two sand volleyball courts
  • Full-service bar
  • Non-alcoholic beverage stations

Here’s the thing, the more time you spend working during the party, the less time you have to soak it all in. Enjoy the moment, let us do the rest.

Pavilion in the Private Park

Trad Grad Package

Pulled pork with cocktail buns, pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce

Party potatoes

Veggie tray

Fresh fruit or broccoli apple salad

$9.50 per person

Nacho Bar

Choose taco meat or shredded chicken

Tortilla chips

Nacho cheese

Tomato, onion, jalapenos

Sour cream


$6.95 per person

The Grazer

Cheese tray

Fruit tray

Veggie Tray

Pinwheel trio

Asian chicken wonton cups

$9.00 per person

Pasta Bar

Lasagna or pasta alfredo

Bread sticks

Caesar salad

Fresh fruit

$9.95 per person

Include both kinds of pasta for $11.95

Deluxe Grazer Package

Fruit tray

Cheese tray

Veggie tray

Beef or turkey meatballs sauced with BBQ, jerk, sweet & sour, Swedish, or teriyaki

Chicken Skewers

$11.95 per person


Cookie tray – $1.50 per person

Cheesecake – $3.00 per person

Dessert Bar – $3.50 per person

An assortment of cheesecakes, pies, and cake

Let's get this party started!

Meet Your Contact

Jennifer Howell

Jennifer Howell

Owner, Client Relationship Manager

Jen’s career has been dedicated to helping brides and businesses delight their guests. She’s your main contact for hosting an event at A Touch of Class and for off-site catering. Jen partners with you to make the most of the space. Her goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience.